Photography owners...What would you do??

By - dan
02.18.2022 08:15 AM

The Exposures of Exposure

Owning your own photography business, you know all about exposure.  As commercial insurance specialists, we know about exposure as well.....just a bit of a different kind....

What would you do?

Here are just a couple of scenarios that are always lurking during a photo shoot.  Make sure you're prepared for these costly scenarios. 

What would you do if during a photoshoot, a client slipped and fell while attempting to pose on a park terrace, injuring their knee and requiring medical attention?

What would you do if someone grabbed your photography bag, running off and escaping with your prized camera bodies, expensive lenses, speedlights, and other gear?

What would you do if a client was unhappy with the end result of the photos you have provided them, and accuse you of not upholding your end of a contract during a wedding shoot that can not be re-done?

What protection is available to you?

If you are a client at River East Insurance, you can rest easy during these examples of situations that no one wants to be in, thanks to the coverages we recommend and provide to our photographer clients. 

Our general liability coverage will protect you and your business for slip and fall situations - if someone were to be injured during a shoot, and in turn takes you to court for damages, your general liability policy could step in and cover costs instead of paying out of pocket (which could get quite costly, very fast!)

Commercial property coverage can ensure that if your camera equipment is stolen or damaged, you will be able to replace it without having to drain your bank account. This is highly important as professional camera equipment can get very expensive, and with its rather small size makes it an easy target for criminals. 

Professional liability coverage (or errors and omissions coverage) is strongly recommended, as it will step in in a situation where you are being sued by a client that is unhappy with a finished product, and accuses you of breach of contract. Lawsuits can get VERY costly - this coverage can transfer that risk from your pocket, to your insurance company. 

What can we offer?

Being able to provide our clients with the proper commercial coverages is something we pride ourselves on at River East Insurance. Having conversations with business owners about their specific operations, to analyze and review their specific risks and how we can help them best by providing a tailored insurance product is what we do best. If you are interested in seeing how River East Insurance can help you and your photography business rest easy at night knowing you are properly covered - give us a call, email, shoot us a text, message us on Facebook, whatever you would like - we are there for you!

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