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Celebrate life knowing the ones you love are protected.

The people who depend on you shouldn't have to struggle financially if something should happen to you.  Having a life insurance policy in place can provide your loved ones a means to cover funeral cost, pay bills, tuition, debts, and more.  

Our agent's at River East Insurance will help you to navigate the several life insurance options available to you and find a policy that fits both your budget, and long-term goals.  

If you're considering life insurance please give our office a call.  You never know what the future may bring.  

How will your family fair without you?

46% of Americans aren’t protecting their loved ones with life insurance. Even more do not have enough protection.  Are you one of them?

If so, take a moment to request a quote online to see just how affordable life insurance can be.  One of our agents will quickly return a proposal and provide you the options best fit for your family.
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​What life policy is right for you?

Purchasing life insurance is one of the most important financial moves you can make. The coverage from this type of policy protects your family from financially worrisome situations if you are not there to provide for their needs. When you work with an independent agent, you can get the protection your family needs for less.

One of the most important decisions you need to make is what type of insurance is right for your situation. The biggest factor to consider is time.

  • With whole life insurance, the individual is covered for their entire lifetime. This type of policy allows you to borrow from it over your life, too. It can even be a part of your estate plan.
  • Term life insurance is in place for a set amount of time. This type of policy is less expensive, but provides your family with financial protection when it is most at risk, such as when you have a mortgage to pay and dependents relying on your income.

There are other options to take into consideration. Child life insurance policies provide financial aid to cover medical costs for the death of a child. Other options include accident death, critical illness, long-term care policies, final expense coverage, and disability insurance. Any can be a good investment for you.

To ensure you get the right type of policy as well as the most affordable option, discuss your needs with an independent agent. You can get a comparative quote for policies available to you right away. You are not getting a quote from just one insurance provider, though. Rather, you'll receive a quote from numerous local providers through your agent so you can compare your options. That way, you get the best policy for your needs and your budget.

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Not sure where to start when it comes to Life Insurance?  Don't sweat it!  We are here to help.  Schedule a review with me by phone, video call, or in office and I'll be happy to answer any question you may have.  

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