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Life Insurance Made Simple

Simply click the link below and complete the form.  You will instantly be shown your estimated life insurance rates!  It's that easy!  From there continue to complete your full application.  Most are instantly approved within minutes!

Have questions or need assistance?  Schedule a meeting with a licensed insurance agent below.

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Protect Your Loved Ones With Our Tailored Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is one of the most popular and beneficial financial tools you have at your disposal. It ensures your loved ones are taken care of financially following your demise by providing a means to pay off any debts and cover essential expenses, including bills, tuition, and more.

At River East Insurance, we work with some of the best insurance carriers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and other surrounding states to offer clients tailored life insurance plans. So, get in touch with our agents right away and let us help you be ready for tomorrow.

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Why Opt for Life Insurance?

Opting for a life insurance policy offers several lucrative benefits to policyholders and their loved ones, including (but not limited to):

Tax-Free Insurance Payments

If you die while having a life coverage policy, your beneficiaries won’t have to pay taxes and will receive 100% of death benefits. You don’t need to report life insurance costs when filing your taxes.

Prolonged Retirement Savings

Depending on your policy, you can use your retirement savings to make big purchases, such as a home or car, while using your life insurance plan as a backup for beneficiaries.

Debt Prevention

One of the biggest benefits of having a Connecticut life insurance policy is that your loved ones don’t have to take on any of your debt (credit card, mortgage, etc.).

Final Expenses Coverage

With national media funeral costs exceeding $9,400, many low-income families don’t have enough savings to cover final expenses for their loved ones. In such situations, life insurance covers burial expenses partially or fully and prevents family members from accumulating debt or using their savings.

Improved Wealth Management

With a solid life insurance plan, you can make more informed decisions about asset and wealth management, especially during transfer due to the debt cancellation and tax benefits on offer.

Provision for Loved Ones

Life insurance plans can easily cover your family’s expenses, such as college tuition, rent, mortgage payments, etc. As a result, your loved ones won’t have to rely on loans or credit to meet their basic needs.

Our Life Insurance Products

River East Insurance has partnered with over a dozen insurance carriers in Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Because of these partnerships, we can offer an extensive range of life insurance products for different types of clients, including:

Term Life

Our Term Life policies are among the most affordable life insurance products available. They allow policyholders to obtain coverage for limited periods and enable them to cover expenses in the absence of income or pay back debt.

Whole Life

A whole life insurance policy provides coverage for as long as you live and is the most popular option for policyholders opting for life insurance early to maximize their death benefits.

Universal Life

Universal Life insurance plans are the most flexible insurance products in the market. They allow policyholders to reduce or increase their death benefits by enabling flexible payment amounts and timelines.

Long-Term Care

Most health insurance companies in the US don’t pay for long-term care, hospice, and other related medical services. With a Long-Term Care life insurance policy, you can extend your protection and grow older with better peace of mind.

Child Life

With our Child Life plans, you can protect your children’s future from an early age by providing coverage for medical emergencies or other life-changing events.

Money Back

With our Money Back life insurance plans, you can receive a percentage of your savings pot at fixed intervals. So, if you’re prioritizing liquidity, this plan is for you.

Protect You and Your Loved Ones Now!

At River East Insurance, we believe that your loved ones shouldn’t have to struggle financially if something should happen to you. Therefore, we strive to help clients in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and other surrounding states find the right life insurance policy for their budget, long-term goals, and other specific needs.


So, call (860) 615-9980 and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced agents to review your existing policy (if any) and protect you and your loved ones from debt and financial instability.


Why Choose River East Insurance

Industry Leader

River East Insurance is one of the leading independent insurance companies based in Manchester, Connecticut. Since our founding, we have established a solid reputation in Connecticut and surrounding states for providing highly cost-effective insurance plans from the best carriers in the market.

Highly Capable Agents

Our team of licensed insurance agents has the expertise, skills, and resources to help clients find the best plans according to their needs and budgets. Moreover, we’ve established a continuous learning and transformative culture. It prompts us to stay aware of the latest insurance trends, coverages, and industry practices.

Wide Carrier Network

As an independent insurance agency, we strive to work with the best insurance companies offering superior products, quick processes, and excellent customer service. Our partners include Travelers, Progressive, Attune, CNA, and Nationwide.

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