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Maximize Employee Safety with Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Solutions

As a business owner in the state of Connecticut, you’re legally obligated to ensure your workplace is safe for your staff. Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable, especially in hazardous work environments. The last thing you want is to face a lawsuit from your workers for bodily injuries, worklessness, or even wrongful death.

Thus, workers’ compensation insurance has become one of the most important business insurance coverage policies in the market. It reduces your liability risk significantly by assuring injured workers get sufficient medical care and compensation for a percentage of any income they lose during recovery.

At River East Insurance, we understand the laws addressing workers’ compensation along with the legal, financial, and emotional repercussions of workplace accidents and injuries.

Therefore, you can rest assured we have the expertise, experience, and resources to find the right workers’ compensation insurance coverage from one of many partnered carriers in Connecticut. So, get in touch with our team right away and let us review your existing policies (if any) and maximize your employee protection.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut

Every state has a varying workers' compensation system based on its statutes that determine the amount of benefits that victims (employees) are entitled to after sustaining injuries. The laws also specify what types of injuries or impairments are covered, the level of medical care, and the coverage provider (state, private insurance companies, or both).

Connecticut’s workers' compensation laws guarantee income loss protection, medical care, and wrongful death benefits. The state doesn’t regard negligence or fault following accidents and injuries, meaning protection for employees is guaranteed. Moreover, the Connecticut Compensation Act also provides a structured system designed to resolve disputes without lawsuits.

Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Connecticut?


As per Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act, employers in the state must carry workers’ compensation insurance to ensure compliance.      Only sole proprietors, partnerships, and businesses that employ contractors are exempted from this rule. Any other business, regardless of the industry or type of work environment, must pay $300 per employee per day as a penalty for not getting coverage.

Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Workers’ compensation insurance covers most injuries that occur during work hours or at the workplace, including (but not limited to):

  • Motor Vehicle  Accidents (Car, truck, etc.

  • Electrocution Injuries

  • Back Injuries Caused by Lifting

  • Trips and Falls

  • Burns

  • Injuries Caused By Hazardous Chemicals

  • Falling Object Impact

  • Workplace Violence Injuries

  • Cuts and Bruises

Injuries NOT Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Not every injury is covered by workers’ compensation insurance policies, including (but not limited to):

  • Off-the-Clock Accidents

  • Injuries Caused by Intoxication or Substance Abuse

  • Injuries Caused by Violation of Safety Policies

  • Injuries that Require Only First Aid Treatment

  • Injuries Caused by Fights and Other Acts of Violence

  • Workplace Violence Injuries

  • Injuries Occurring in Uncovered States, such as Ohio, North Dakota, Wyoming, etc.

  • Self-Inflicted Injuries

How Much Does Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cost?

Many factors influence the cost of workers’ compensation coverage in Connecticut, including the number of employees, premises location, business industry (NCCI Code), workplace hazards, and claims history. 

Why Choose River East Insurance

River East Insurance is one of the leading workers’ compensation insurance solutions providers in Connecticut. Since our founding, we’ve equipped hundreds of businesses in the state with tailored coverage policies from some of the best carriers operating in their industries or areas. Here’s why you should choose us:

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Connecticut-Based Insurance Company

River East Insurance is based in Manchester, Connecticut, and serves all of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont As a result, our agents are locally focused and can provide expert advice related to your protection needs, budget, and workplace conditions.

Car Dealership

A Diverse Carrier Network

Since our founding, we have partnered with a diverse mix of insurance carriers, including Travelers, Progressive, CAN, Attune, and Nationwide, among several others. With over a dozen options, you can rest assured we can find the right workers’ compensation policy for your budget and needs.

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Wide Coverage

We can help design policies specific to your industry, workplace hazards, and other factors to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. Whether it’s illnesses, wage replacement, medical costs, disability benefits, or funeral costs, we’ve got you covered and protected.

Get Workers Compensation Insurance Now!

At River East Insurance, we strive to help our clients maximize protection for their businesses and employees by providing several business insurance options, from commercial auto to property, umbrella, cyber-liability, and workers’ compensation.

We can provide a highly competitive workers’ compensation insurance quote based on your protection needs, budget, and carrier preferences. So, call us at (860) 615-9980 to schedule an appointment right away.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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